Perhaps I’m just waiting

Perhaps I was already arriving

Perhaps it’s not my time

Perhaps it’s never going to be mine


Perhaps I’m just a series of perhaps that never have a start

– knghtrss

Life Goes On?

Life goes on. But certain song turns your day blue. Some foods are harder to swallow. Some places make you hold your breath. And in the end, you’re just a body, haunted by memories.

– knghtrss


Icarus flies too close to the sun
He burns his wings and falls to the ground
“Poor Icarus, that’s the end of his line!”
Shout the man and the maiden at once
But icarus laugh for his story just began
Because now freedom’s finally on his hand

– knghtrss


You’re all that I see
Everything I wanted to see
A glimpse of what could be
Or what I wish to be
An idea
A dyspnea
The muse of despair
They said to beware
My last paragon of belief
When it’s nothing but grief
The fire to my gasoline
The never ending scene
A world of sacred shrine
And anything (everything) but mine


Sparks Fly

All the sparks
And the question mark
All the chase
And the questionable pace

Where would they go?
If it’s not with you?

A word like sorrow
A dream set anew

They’ve long for you
In the deepest shade of blue



Fragments of your self

Of what you could be

Or who you used to be

Scattered around the globe

And you mistook it as love

And when the fragments gathered

To be someone you didn’t see

You shattered,

Into pieces that it used to be



In the name of being

In the name of being different, we abandon our point of view
In the name of being different, being hurtful is being true
In the name of being different, we cut down our pieces of values
In the name of being different, we render ourself to be the same as the “very few”