The Blue Castle

One needed to have their own Blue Castle in order to keep themself entertained. It doesn’t matter if it resembles (or not even close with) what Valancy Stirling had in her mind. It can be whatever they wanted as long as the thought of it made them happy.

The Blue Castle is not a building. The Blue Castle is an escape. The Blue Castle is not a brick and a wall. It’s a place full of freedom and joy.


(inspired by my favourite L.M. Montgomery’s book titled “The Blue Castle”)

You and Your Heart Only

It doesnt matter where

Or when

Or with whom you choose to stay

What matter is what you feel

What you’re passionate about

What gave your eyes sparkles when you talked about it

What kept your heart pumped everyday

What gave you joy and comfort

Because in the end, it’s not about the place

It’s not about the pride

It’s not about what look good

Or what will look good

It’s about you, and your heart only



Today you fell to the ground.

Today you cried yourself to sleep after shouting to the world about how unfair it was.

Today was a rough day.

Today you almost lost hope.

But darling,

Hope is like the sun.

If you only believe in it when you can see it,

You’ll never make it through the night.

So keep your head up, keep fighting.

Everything is going to be worth the waiting.


Strange Thing About Dream

Strange thing about dream,
When you first found it you were so sure about it.
But then, as the time goes by, it becames so blurry yet real.

Am i the only one who feel like that?
Like one day it kept you alive and then the next day it tears you apart?

Like it gave you air to breath but also suffocated you inside?

It’s sweet and bitter at the same time.

It’s joyful and miserable at the same time.

Is it what it was supposed to be?                                                                                                        The strange thing about dream?