Que Sera Sera

I know we don’t belong together

Even if we are as close as our veins

And as deep as the ocean

Que sera sera

If it meant to be it will be

If we don’t then we don’t

So don’t shed any tears for me

Because I won’t shed any tears for you

Que sera sera

If it meant to be it will be

So don’t waste your energy crying over things that don’t belong together

Even if it’s you and me





Let’s appreciate words

By trying to understand it

And speak about it while knowing the power that it holds against others

And not uttering it just because we wanted to

Without actually have the understanding that what we said can hurt, cheer, or just plainly bore someone to death

Each word matters

Let’s appreciate, listen, and respond to it as if it is our life that is on stake

Because darling, someday it might




Flesh turns into steel

Nerves turn into wires

And conversations are just words trapped in a code, relying on a signal

Virtual world became an obsession

Image created to hid flaws

What does telling everyone that we’re happy have anything to do with actually being one?

So fixtated on what’s not real

Blinded by imaginary feel

In this reality where things are not as it seems

Would you mind if i said that,

We’ve all become disconnected and ill?



She’s never here
She’s anywhere but here
Dancing under the moonlight
Searching for a light to ignites
Stuck in her own world
Of fine art and words
Too odd to be normal
Too common to be special


For You

For you who struggle alone

In the dark

Battling with your inner demon

Fighting for tommorow

For you who want someone who listen

In the world where everyone does nothing but speak

In the world where everyone hears but never try to understand

For you who cried your eyes out

But no one hold your hand and tell you it’s going to be okay

Don’t lose hope

Don’t give up

You’re the sun that shine

And just because the cloud hid your shine

Doesn’t mean you lose your warm

It’s gonna be okay

I believe in you

And you should too




I walked by the street light

I drove past the red light

And wondered,

Will we be able to understand these abstract ideas of living?

With its abstract-ness that divided us through our cause in living?

Will it be love? Will it be peace? Will it be money? Or will it be sanity?

There’ll always be someone out there

With a cause like that

Or a cause that we don’t understand

And never try to understand?

I’ll stop my rambling

But please answer my questions

What is your cause?

Can people understand it?

Can you understand it?